Retour sur une année prolifique de communication scientifique : conférences et publications phares

6th International arctic fox conference in Svalbard (Photo : Hurtigruten)

Conférences marquantes en 2022 (9) et 2023 (5) :

Laugarbakki, Iceland
Icelandic Ecological Society Annual meeting
Barbero-Palacios, L. et al. 2023. What are the effects of herbivore diversity on tundra ecosystems ? A systematic review (24-26 March 2023).

Rimouski, QC, Canada.
Colloque annuel du Centre d’études nordiques
Frapin, C., Albouy, C., Gilg, O., Christin, S., Angerbjörn, A., Fauteux, D. & Lecomte, N. 2023. Seasonal changes of Arctic terrestrial food webs: a modelling approach (16-17 February 2023).

St. Petersburg, Russia
Second All-russian ornithological congress
Sokolova, N., Sokolov, A., Fufachev, I. and Gilg O. 2023. Nesting success of three wader species in the Arctic tundra of southern Yamal (30 January-4 February).

Moncton, Canada
Invited talk, University of Moncton
Gilg, O., Bollache, L., Meyer, N. and Etchart, L. 2023. Predator-prey interactions and arctic shorebirds (17 January 2023).

Debrecen, Hungary
ELVONAL final meeting
Gilg, O., Bollache, L., Meyer, N. and Etchart, L. 2023. Predator-prey interactions and arctic shorebirds (7 January 2023).

Chicago, USA
American Geophysical Union Fall meeting 2022
Ziker J. et al. 2022. Mechanisms of Adaptation to Climate Change by Indigenous Nenets Reindeer herders in Northern Siberia (12-16 December).

Toronto, Canada
ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting
Frapin, C., Albouy, C., Christin, S., Fauteux, D., Angerbjörn, A., Gilg, O. & Lecomte, N. 2022. Modeling the seasonal Arctic terrestrial trophic network (4-8 December 2022).

Metz, France
GfÖ-SFE-EEF Joint meeting.
Etchart, L., Bollache, L., Lang, J., Sittler, B., Lecomte, N. & Gilg, O. 2022. Incubation pause: the longer the better? (21-25 November 2022).

Fredericton, NB, Canada
Atlantic Society of Fish and Wildlife Biology annual meeting
Frapin, C., Albouy, C., Gilg, O., Christin, S., Angerbjörn, A., Fauteux, D. & Lecomte, N. 2022. Modeling the seasonal Arctic terrestrial trophic network (14-16 October 2022).

Longyearbyen, Norway
Conference in Arctic Fox Biology. Norvegian Polar Institute
Gilg, O., Hansen, L.H., Schmidt, N.M., Lang, J., Sittler, B., Sokolov, A., Sokolova, N., Fufachev, I., Ehrich, D., Forin-Wiart, M.-A., Bédard, A., Lecomte, N., Sabard, B., Pletenev, A., Gilg, V., Sabard, C., Meyer, N., Berteaux, D. & Bollache, L. 2022. Predator- prey interactions between the arctic fox and tundra nesting birds in space and time: first results of an ongoing circumpolar initiative (August 2022). 6th International.

Longyearbyen, Norway.
6th International Conference in Arctic Fox Biology. Norvegian Polar Institute
Sokolova, N., Fufachev, I., Ehrich, D., GIlg, O., Shklyar, K., Filipova, V. & Sokolov, A. 2022. “The Arctic Fox” project in Sabetta (Yamal Peninsula, Russia) (August 2022).

Longyearbyen, Norway
6th International Conference in Arctic Fox Biology. Norvegian Polar Institute
Ungar, P.S., Van Valkenburgh, B., Peterson, A.S., Sokolov, A.A., Sokolova, N.A., Ehrich, D., Fufachev, I.A., Gilg, O., Terekhina, A., Volkovitskiy, A. & Shtro, V. 2022. Dental ecology reflects diet in arctic foxes (August 2022).

Longyearbyen, Norway
6th International Conference in Arctic Fox Biology. Norvegian Polar Institute
Frapin, C., Albouy, C., Gilg, O., Christin, S., Angerbjorn A., Fauteux, D. & Lecomte, N. 2022. Modelling the seasonal Arctic trophic network and the centrality of the Arctic fox (August 2022).

Copenhagen, Denmark
SETAC 32th Annual Meeting.
Martinez-Alvarez, I., Peluhet, L., Pardon, P., Fort, J., Evanno, G., Gilg, O., Yannic, G., Labadie, P. and Budzinski, H. 2022. Chemical analysis of legacy and emerging pollutants in the emblematic Arctic bird, Ivory Gull (15-19 May 2022).

Publications passées et à venir (2022-2023)
Sept nouveaux articles associant le GREA ont été publiés en 2022 en lien avec les programmes présentés au point précédent et 13 manuscrits sont actuellement en cours d’évaluation auprès de différentes revues scientifiques internationales.
Voir les résumés

2022 (7) :
Dumas, K., Gilg, O., Courbin, N., Corregidor-Castro, A., Evanno, G., Strøm, H., Mosbech, A., Frederiksen, M. & Yannic, G. 2022. Influence of sea-ice-related features and anthropogenic subsidies on the foraging behaviour of a high-Arctic seabird, the ivory gull (Pagophila eburnea). Marine Biology, 169, 151.

Chastel, O. et al. 2022. Mercury contamination and potential health risks to Arctic seabirds and shorebirds. Science of The Total Environment, 844, 156944.

Schmidt, N.M., Roslin, T., Hansen, L.H., Gilg, O., Lang, J., Sittler, B., Hansen, J., Bollache, L. & Vesterinen, E. 2022. Spatio-temporal patterns in arctic fox (Vulpes alopex) diets revealed by molecular analysis of scats from Northeast Greenland. Polar Science, 100838.

Carravieri, A., Vincze, O., Bustamante, P., Ackerman, J.T., Adams, E.M., Angelier, F., Chastel, O., Cherel, Y., Gilg, O., Golubova, E., Kitaysky, A., Luff, K., Seewagen, C.L., Strøm, H., Will, A.P., Yannic, G., Giraudeau, M. & Fort, J. 2022. Quantitative meta-analysis reveals no association between mercury contamination and body condition in birds. Biological Reviews, 97, 1253-1271.

Charbonnel, E., Daguin-Thiebaut, C., Caradec, L., Moittié, E., Gilg, O., Gavrilo, M.V., Strøm, H., Mallory, M.L., Morrison, R.I.G., Gilchrist, H.G., Leblois, R., Roux, C., Yearsley, J.M., Yannic, G. & Broquet, T. 2022. Searching for genetic evidence of demographic decline in a long-lived seabird: beware of overlapping generations. Heredity, 128, 364-376.

von Beckerath, X., Benadi, G., Gilg, O., Sittler, B., Yannic, G., Klein, A.-M. & Eitzinger, B. 2022. Long term monitoring reveals abiotic factors and vegetation drive habitat selection of an Arctic rodent. Arctic Science, 8, 349-361.

Barrio, I.C., Ehrich, D., Soininen, E.M., Ravolainen, V.T., Bueno, C.G., Gilg, O. et al. 2022. Developing common protocols to measure tundra herbivory across spatial scales. Arctic Science, 8, 638-679.

2023 :

Gilg, O., van Bemmelen, R.S.A., Lee, H., Park, J.-Y., Kim, H.-J., Kim, D.-W., Lee, W.Y., Sokolovskis, K. & Solovyeva,
D.V. 2023. Flyways and migratory behaviour of the Vega gull (Larus vegae), a little-known Arctic endemic. PLoS ONE, 18, e0281827.

Soumises ou presque (11) :
Pagnon, T., Etchart, L., Brandao, M.T., Wood, A.G., Tomkovitch, P., Soloviev, M., Lang, J., Reneerkens, J., Horn, J.t., Verkuil, Y., Hallgrimsson, G.T., Moreau, J., Dechaume-Moncharmont, F.-X., Yannic, G., Bollache, L. & Gilg, O. Submitted. Considering geographical and temporal variations in body size and sexual size dimorphism in morphometrics-based birds sexing. Journal of Ornithology.

McCabe, R.A. et al. Submitted. Status assessment and conservation priorities for a circumpolar top predator: the snowy owl. Ambio.

Ivanov, V.Y., Ungar, P.S., Ziker, J., Abdulmanova, S., Celis, G., Dixon, A., Ehrich, D., Fufachev, I., Gilg, O., Heskel, M., Liu, D., Macias-Fauria, M., Mazepa, V., Mertens, K., Orekhov, P., Peterson, A., Pokrovskaya, O., Sheshukov, A., Sokolov, A., Sokolova, N., Spiegel, M., Sponheimer, M., Stammler, F., Taylor, T., Terekhina, A., Valdayskikh, V., Volkovitskiy, A., Wang, J. & Zhou, W. Submitted. A Convergence Science Approach to Understanding the Changing Arctic. Earth’s Future.

Etchart, L., Lecomte, N., Dechaume-Moncharmont, F.X., Moreau, J., Lang, J., Sittler, B., Teixeira, M., Bollache, L. & Gilg, O. Submitted. Large variability in nesting behaviour of arctic birds: how extended incubation recesses are linked to ground temperatures and lower body conditions. Oecologia.

Celis, G., Ungar, P., Sokolov, A., Sokolova, N., Böhner, H., Liu, D., Gilg, O., Fufachev, I., Pokrovskaya, O., Ims, R.A., Zhou, W. & Ehrich, D. Submitted. A versatile semiautomated image analysis workflow for time-lapsed camera trap image classification. Ecology and Evolution.

Gauthier, G. et al. Submitted. Taking the beat of the Arctic: are lemming population cycle changing due to winter climate? PNAS.

van Bemmelen, R., Moe, B., Schekkerman, H., Hansen, S.A., Snell, K.R., Humphreys, E.M., Mäntylä, E., Vignisson, S.R., Gilg, O., Bollache, L. & al. Submitted. Ocean-scale variation in wintering and breeding location drive the annual cycle of a long-distance migratory seabird. Proc R Soc B.

Pokrovskaya, O., Sokolova, N., Ehrich, D., Gilg, O., Sokolov, V. & Sokolov, A. Submitted. The globally threatened Lesser-white fronted goose (Anser erythropus) nests under the protection of the Peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) in southern Yamal, Russia. Wildfowl.

Meyer, N., Bollache, L., Dechaume-Moncharmont, F.-X., Moreau, J., Lanctot, R., Yannic, G. & Gilg, O. Submitted.
Incubation strategies of arctic shorebirds in a changing environment. Ibis.

Chagnon-Lafortune, A. et al. Submitted. A circumpolar study reveals non-linear effects of temperature on arthropod availability and limited risk of warming-induced trophic mismatch for Arctic-breeding shorebirds. Global Change Biology.

van Bemmelen, R., Hanssen, S.A., Gilg, O., Porter, R., Mork, K.S., Bangjord, G., Bollache, L., Moe, B., Under revision. Individual variation in non-breeding movements of Grey Phalaropes across hemispheres. J Avian Biol.

Publication : 23 mai 2023

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